Thinking of selling your home, but not sure how to prepare? You’re in the right place! With proper preparation, you can add thousands more to your purchase price. We commend you for researching the situation and would love to help you put your best foot forward when it’s time to hit the MLS. Here’s a checklist of must’s before we get that sign in the yard:

1. Do your homework before setting a price
2. Go home shopping yourself (link to IDX feed)
3. Clean like you’ve never cleaned before
4. Fix everything no matter how insignificant it may appear
5. Don’t let a smell be your downfall
6. Remove all traces of ‘you’ from your home
7. Know why you’re selling
8. Find a good Realtor (link to agent roster)
9. Give yourself room to negotiate
10. Don’t take a lowball offer personally

For elaboration on the above points, and the full list of all 29, fill out your info to the right of this post and we’ll mail you a hard copy report. Selling an Orange County luxury home isn’t easy, so you’ll want a handy reference guide!